The layout program defines the workflow for creating print data. PDFX-ready provides the necessary settings based on settings, test profiles and recipes to ensure a reliable process flow. PDFX-ready supports breakdown-free media production with suitable test forms and a guide.
As a member of the PDFX-ready association, you benefit from a technical representation of interests and a network of specialists. PDFX-ready offers various support services to ensure that your core business, everyday life, functions smoothly.
4 working groups with specialists from the market ensure the competence of the association PDFX-ready in questions of education and training, technology, certification and networking via communication.


With PDFX-ready certifications, you demonstrate the quality of your competence and position yourself ideally for competition in media production. (Certifications are only available in German and French).

Your benefit for breakdown-free production

Competence through certification

  • With the Creator certification you prove professional competence
  • A company with an output certificate is a reliable partner
  • As an expert, you will prove your knowledge in PDF/X data creation and output.
  • With student certification PDFX-ready promotes young talents.
  • (Certifications are only available in German and French).

Active members


  • Companies that benefit from the PDFX-ready service
  • Individual members actively support the association
  • Partners form the network in the industry
  • Certified companies prove their reliability
  • Experts prove their knowledge of the PDF/X standard

Downloads for more competence

  • In this guide you will find everything you need to know about PDFX-ready.
  • 7 steps to the perfect print PDF to PDF/X-4
  • Test forms that find all errors and give advice
  • We are compatible with the Ghent PDF Output Suite
  • Recipes for a successful PDF/X file that tastes good to everyone
  • Profiles that are state of the art as originals


Herber Mahler
Manager IT – Ast&Fischer AG, Wabern

As head of IT at Ast & Fischer AG, I really appreciate the PDFX-ready guidelines for internal training. It clearly shows and explains the complex PDF workflow. The provided recipes with the corresponding export settings and check profiles are also practical. These are also very helpful for our customers.

Markus Rosenberger
Manager Prepress, Spühler Druck AG

Thanks to the predefined output settings, uniform PDF creation is very easy for all employees. The installations and the use of the settings are always up-to-date and described. With the additional services of the online tools, data verification is simplified even more and I get detailed information about used separations in delivered PDF files.

Manuel Simmen
Head of realisation and quality/environmental management and internal data protection consultant, Linkgroup AG

As part of the standardization of the exchange of print PDFs, the association PDFX-Ready offers valuable work in the implementation and creation of preflight profiles as well as the export styles of Adobe Creativ Suite on the basis of the valid ISO standard. Linkgroup AG has been using the preflight profiles for Acrobat and CallasToolbox developed and made available by PDFX-Ready for many years. We also appreciate the easy-to-understand and detailed information brochures on this topic.

Andy Amrein
Kromer Print AG

The PDFX-ready presets enable a smooth workflow and make our daily work easier. Our various standardization efforts (ISO 12647-2) are optimally supported. PDFX-ready's services are also a valuable tool in customer consulting.

Peter Salzmann
Owner, CEO, Créative-Atelier Salzmann GmbH

Why PDFX-Ready? When it comes to process and production reliability, we make no compromises! Database-supported, automated layout processes have therefore been a matter of course for us for years, as has the integration of and compliance with industry-standard and efficient standards in print data output.

Matteo Baschera, Head of Prepress and Quality Management, Galledia AG

PDF/X-ready supports us both technically and communicatively in our production processes for the exchange of PDF data, with our customers as effectively and efficiently as possible according to ISO standards.

Daniel Holliger
Deputy CEO, wps medienservice AG

Thanks to PDFx-ready's services, we have achieved a perfect standard in print data transmission and creation. The exchange of PDFs with other companies has a level of quality at which you can be 100% sure that there will be no surprises. I would even call it a seal of quality in the graphic arts industry.

Ruedi Boller
Technical Director / DTP, Wirz AG

As a leading communications agency that works with a wide variety of print service providers, we are dependent on binding standards. The settings provided by the PDFX-ready association are installed as standards on all our workstations and workflows and have guaranteed us optimum quality and compatibility in color management as well as problem-free PDF creation for years.



At the PDFX-ready association, important decision-makers are committed to secure and efficient data exchange. The association offers training materials, program settings, preflight profiles, test pages and certifications for PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-4 workflows.

By actively participating in the Ghent Workgroup, PDFX-ready benefits from the latest developments in the ISO PDF/X standard. With this knowledge, the association creates profiles for data creation and preflight profiles for controlling secure print data transfer so that you can relax and lean back.

With its various certifications, PDFX-ready offers print shops an ideal basis for ensuring that their print data complies with the current PDF/X standard. With a PDFX-ready certificate, printers and media service providers prove to their customers that they are working correctly.


Final shutdown of PDFX-ready Online Tools

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