We had developed a custom HTML template for the Preflight report of Callas pdfToolbox which added additional information (e.g. ink coverage) and a nicer design: Responding to serveral demands we make available a ZIP archive with the template of our Preflight report for download:   Users of the Callas pdfToolbox can install the template on

After the final shutdown of the PDFX-ready Online Tools the PDFX-ready Connector is not needed anymore.. In a short deinstallation manual we describe how to delete the Connector app and remove the Connector icon in the menu/task bar:

Two years ago, on Oct. 25th 2016, PDFX-ready launched a new service for the members of PDFX-ready and (in a limited Freeware version) also for everybody. Running the PDFX-ready Online Tools was only possible thanks to serveral sponsors. Recently we lost a sponsor which would have forced a change of the hosting provider. In consequences

Here are some alternative solutions for all users missing the PDFX-ready Online Tools: PDF Preflight can be performed identically with the preflight profiles from PDFX-ready for Adobe Acrobat Pro (and Callas pdfToolbox). The only difference is the preflight report which had some additional information about the PDF and a much nicer design. Responding to serveral