PDF/X-4 CMYK+RGB workflow for digital printing with Adobe CS4-CC

Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator CS4 and newer: direct export of PDF/X-4 CMYK+RGB (CMYK and spot colors as well as ICC-based objects (e.g. RGB images) are allowed). Supports live transparency.

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PDFX-ready color setting for digital printing (ISO Coated V2 300%) [ZIP]2.41.30 MB04.02.2016 Download
Recipe for Adobe Color Settings [PDF]2.4224.81 KB04.02.2016 DownloadPreview
Color profiles ECI + IFRA [ZIP]201520.57 MB04.02.2016 Download

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PDF Preset for InDesign CS4-CC for PDF/X-4 CMYK+RGB [ZIP]2.52.49 KB06.10.2017 Download
Recipe for Adobe InDesign CS4-CC [PDF]2.4296.36 KB04.02.2016 DownloadPreview

The profile for digital printing is only available for Acrobat XI and DC, since in Acrobat 9 + X important checks are missing or not working properly.

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Preflight profiles for Acrobat XI+DC - PDF/X-4 Digital Printing [ZIP]2.530.67 KB31.10.2017 Download
Recipe for Acrobat 9 - DC Pro [PDF]2.5589.67 KB31.10.2017 DownloadPreview

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