ICC color profiles and color settings

Good ICC color profiles and corresponding color settings for image processing, illustration and layout programs are the basis for a good PDF artwork (suitable for the desired printing conditions).

PDFX-ready recommends the well-known ICC color profiles of the European Color Initiative (ECI) and IFRA.

The PDFX-ready color settings can be used in Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.



PDF/X-4 creation with Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud

PDFX-ready offers the following creator workflows for Adobe CS4 and above:

  • PDF/X-4 CMYK for offset printing (sheet, web and newspaper)
  • PDF/X-4 CMYK+RGB for offset printing (sheet, web and newspaper)
  • PDF/X-4 CMYK+RGB for digital printing

PDFX-ready Preflight

PDFX-ready offers preflight profiles for Acrobat Pro (and Callas pdfToolbox) for all PDFX-ready workflows:

  • PDF/X-4 CMYK for offset printing
  • PDF/X-4 CMYK+RGB for offset printing
  • PDF/X-4 CMYK+RGB for digital printing
  • PDF/X-1a CMYK for offset printing

The preflight profiles are documented separatly.

PDFX-ready Output-Test

The PDFX-ready Output Test pages can be used to check an output workflow for PDF/X-4 compatibility. The test pages are using the test patches of the Ghent PDF Output Suite 4.0.

The four pages should be process like delivered jobs from customers using the entire workflow.

Processing errors violating the PDF/X-4 standard are clearly indicated. In such cases most test elements render a thick X, others deviate from the adjacent reference object (usually pre rendered images).


PDFX-ready Guideline

The PDFX-ready Guideline covers the entire workflow from the creation of images and illustrations, the design of the layout, the correct PDF export, preflight and output of PDF/X files. This guideline concentrates on the PDF/X-4 workflow using CMYK and spot colours.

Each double page is dedicated to a particular topic. You don't have to read the entire guideline from the beginning to the end. The reader can easily switch between topics (e.g. using the bookmarks in the PDF).

Instead of a conventional table of content the guideline is using an illustration of a typical PDF/X workflow. The page numbers have links which open the corresponding pages.