The PDFX-ready Guideline covers the entire workflow from the creation of images and illustrations, the design of the layout, the correct PDF export, preflight and output of PDF/X files. This guideline concentrates on the PDF/X-4 workflow using CMYK and spot colours.

Each double page is dedicated to a particular topic. You don't have to read the entire guideline from the beginning to the end. The reader can easily switch between topics (e.g. using the bookmarks in the PDF).

Instead of a conventional table of content the guideline is using an illustration of a typical PDF/X workflow. The page numbers have links which open the corresponding pages.

The PDFX-ready Guideline can be download as screen PDF (including links and bookmarks) for free:

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Intellectual Property

All documents, profiles and settings of PDFX-ready can be freely copied and distributed provided that the documents, profiles and settings are not changed. If changes are applied the source of the original file must be clearly documented.

Liability disclaimer

PDFX-ready accepts no liability for damages caused by wrong results unexpected printing results that may arise from the use of the PDFX-ready instructions, settings and profiles. Under no cirumstances any claim of damages will be accepted.