The PDFX-ready Output Test pages can be used to check an output workflow for PDF/X-4 compatibility. The test pages are using the test patches of the Ghent PDF Output Suite 4.0.

The four pages should be process like delivered jobs from customers using the entire workflow.

Processing errors violating the PDF/X-4 standard are clearly indicated. In such cases most test elements render a thick X, others deviate from the adjacent reference object (usually pre rendered images).

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PDFX-ready Output Test PDF/X-4 [ZIP]3.029.88 MB09.10.2017 Download

For certification you must ask for a personalized version of the Output Test!

Instructions for successful output of Ghent PDF Output Suite 4

Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0

PDFX-ready Output Test uses the test elements of the Ghent PDF Output Suite 4.

Version 5 has additional files for testing ICCbased color definitions (incl. transparency).

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