Technology Working Group

An interesting group of specialists from all fields is responsible for the compilation of the "recipes" and the development of the correct basic settings for the DTP programs and makes them available in the download area of the website. The most important task of the Technical Working Group is the development of PDFX-ready rules and the definition and maintenance of preflight profiles. The working group develops settings and checks market conformity.

Head of working group technical group: Peter Kleinheider (Calibrate GmbH)
Members of the working group: Eddy Senn, P/B/U Beratungs AG, Stephan Jaeggi, PrePress-Consulting, Martin Wicky, A+F, Georg Obermayr, Adverma Advertinsing und Marketing, Patrick Schmid, ZT- Medien, Sebastian Nafroth,, Daniela Burkart, PDFX-ready office.

Certification Working Group

In cooperation with the Ghent Workgroup, the Certification working group creates test forms that are used as the basis for output certification. The working group also develops the requirements for the various certifications and defines the questions for the online expert examination for employees of certified companies.

Head of Certification Working Group: Stephan Jaeggi, PrePress-Consulting

Training Working Group

In the complex environment of media production, practical training and further education topics are enormously important. The PDFX-ready association organizes individual workshops that cover the entire spectrum, from PDF creation from the most important prepress and office programs through data control, PDF preparation and certification to output. The current PDFX-ready workflows and the application of the new RGB/CMYK workflow are central components of this workshop.

Head of Training Working Group: René Theiler, Project Manager Technology VSD

Marketing Working Group

The Marketing Working Group ensures communication with the individual industry sectors and clients. An important task is the perception of the association through the various advertisements in specialist publications as well as the periodic newsletter to members and interested parties.

Head of Marketing Working Group: Martin Spaar, Publisher Publisher